ROOTS - Kunta Kinteh Tour and Cruise

A true story in which Alex Hailey uncovered his origins during his twelve-year search.

Departure from your hotel is around 8:00 am. We will head to the sea port in the capital city of Banjul. A cruise takes us along the River Gambia, passing Dog Island, to the two of the most historical villages in The Gambia of Albreda and Juffureh. (Make sure you have a fan or be prepared to buy one cheaply from ladies as you pass by as it is very hot here, particularly in the museum as there is no air conditioning!)

On arrival in Albreda, you will be given a brief introduction by one of the locals about the origin of the slave trade, it's links to the monuments and sites in the village. The tour will then proceed to the village of Kunta Kinteh called Juffureh. Here you will meet the lady chief and some distant relatives whilst being told of the connection between Alex Hailey and Kunta Kinteh and the involvement in the Atlantic slave trade. On our way back to the boat, we will visit the museum depicting many aspects of the slave trade.

Back to the boat for a buffet lunch whilst cruising to James Island, on which is a fort where slaves were kept for fortnight before being shipped to America, the Caribbean and other places in the world.

After a walk around the island, the boat will cruise back to Banjul and taken finally to your hotel around 5:00pm.