Makasutu Cultural Forest Tour

Makasutu is a private, ecotourism woodland reserve in the Kombo Central District, of the West Coast Region of The Gambia in West Africa. This tour is also known as African Paradise or the Secret of the Gambia.

Pick up is from your hotel around 8:30 am. After an hour’s drive we will arrive at Kembujeh where the secret treasure itself is located.

We will take a nature walk within the forest to see baboons, monkeys, lizards and many colourful birds. An opportunity to get local knowledge about the flora and fauna of the area. While along the bush walk you are likely to walk by the hut of a traditional Gambian medicine man, who produces and sells herbal potions of traditional medicines and remedies from trees and bushes growing in the area, as well as charms. The holy man or Marabout also reads palms and 'predicts' your future. A pure privilege to witness.

The tour proceeds to the marvellous mangrove forest where we will take a forty-five- minute canoe ride floating through the mangroves. This is an opportunity to see many species of birds and how ladies collect oysters in the mangrove swamps using dugout canoes.

On our return we will have a coffee break at the Base Tower which is an excellent chance to have breath-taking views from the tower. Something completely different from your coastal resort.

After this the tour continues to see Marabou man. Here you could have a palm reading which will give you a vision of past, present and the future. The walk ends with a visit to the palm wine tapper. An opportunity to see how palm wine is collected offering the chance to sample the local brew.

We then return to Base Camp for beautiful traditional buffet lunch and finally back to your hotel with incredible memories of The Gambia’s secret treasure.