4 x 4 South Gambia Experience

This tour is a favourite for a first timer in The Gambia and is great value for money. You are picked from your hotel at 8:00am and driven to the main Serrekunda market.

We will walk around the market and show you local products which will give an idea about how women shop and market life in general.

After the market walk, we board the jeep to Kachically crocodile pool. These crocs are known for their friendliness. Legend has it that Gambian women use them as a fertility power for those who cannot conceive. A once in life time experience picture is taken with crocs, a brave memory to taken back home.

The tour continues to the Abuko Market where you will be told how buying and selling is done. The tour proceeds to Lamin Lodge for a short coffee and doughnut break, which will keep you going till lunch,then back on the jeep where we travel to hidden Gambia.

This is where will visit a family in one of the villages and you are given an account of how villages are set up and family life in The Gambia as well as our traditions and roles of men and women in a Gambian compound.

The tour continues to a school where we will tell you about education in The Gambia, here, if you have books, pencils, sweets or gifts they can be given to the children. The tour then takes us to Paradise Beach for lunch where you will stay for a couple of hours relaxing on the beach.

After this we travel to the Tanjie which is the main fishing village on the coast, where we will see sights (and smells!) and show how fish are preserved in The Gambia. We will walk along the beach and see boats and activities that take place on the shore. The tour ends with back at your hotel around 6 pm. A fabulous day to see the real Gambia.